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    From the choice of the diamond to the perfect mounting, we will help you create a magnificent bespoke piece.

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    Fine Jewellery UK

    Custom Jeweler With a French Touch

    It’s time to indulge. If you're celebrating a moment, making your vows with your sweetheart, or remembering a loved one who passed away, trust Maureen to deliver the finest yet affordable jewelry in New York.

    She’s a maven at working with gold, diamonds, and all kinds of fine jewelry. Aside from skill, she has this magical French touch no one can resist. Name what you want - rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, whether you want it fancy, glamorous, reset or new, it's all her forte.

    Old Jewelry, Fresh Look

    Jewelry should last ages, but it does get old sometimes. If you have a precious family heirloom that is starting to wear, or maybe that you want to be repurposed, a reset and expert polish can bring it back to life. Whatever it is that needs a new lease of life, Maureen can do it.

    Often, it is imperative to preserve sentimental value. Other times, an entirely new item is desired while keeping a piece of the original intact. Whatever you need, ask Maureen - she knows her stuff. Between the two of you, a happy solution will emerge.

    New Jewelry

    Precious moments are fleeting and rare, but you can lock them in with jewelry to remember always. Maureen deals with the finest jewelry and wedding rings, all made right here in New York.

    She scours the planet for ethical diamonds, gold, and precious stones, making sure that they are conflict-free. She then works with you hand-in-hand to come up with a design you will cherish forever.

    With You For Life, Guaranteed

    Violets are blue, diamonds are forever … jewelry is meant to outlast us. The stories it tells live on to all posterity, and Maureen makes sure that every piece she touches gets a slice of immortality. Whether it's a family heirloom you had reset, a new wedding ring, or a necklace for your mother - she guarantees a lifetime of service, always.