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Discover a new stone.

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A new gemstone and so many new possibilities...

When I first heard about Aquaprase™️, a gemstone that was recently discovered, I got super intrigued. What? a precious gemstone that was discovered in 2013? How incredible… Its bluish-green color got me hooked. I needed to know more.
Here is what I learned and why I’m obsessed.

Aquaprase™️ is
• Found in Africa
• Its color is caused by the chromium & nickel present on it
• 100% natural & non-treated
• Ethically mined & responsibly sourced
• Uniqueness: each stone has its unique pattern and unique color.
This is the 1st gemstone discovered in the 21st century.

I can stare at this stone at different hours of the day and will always see a new shade depending on the light, new veins or shapes. It has the “power” to take me someplace else. I really found it soothing in that way.

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