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The particularity of a round brilliant diamond

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Round brilliant diamonds are THE most favorite shape for an engagement ring in the USA.

Let's understand why!

Because its cut maximizes the sparkle of a diamond. On a less technical point of view, its circular shape could represent the circle of life and love with no end!
It’s an elegant & classic shape that will never go out of style!
When choosing a round brilliant diamond there are few things to bear in mind...

The CUT is the most important factor. Round brilliant is the only diamond shape that GIA grades for CUT as it determines how sparkly & bright the stone will look.

** I advise going no lower than Very Good as a lower grade can have a great impact on its sparkles.**


The color ranges from D (colorless) to Z (brownish or yellowish). The whiter you’ll choose, the higher the price will be. Click here to know more.

** G and H is are very good comprise for a good stone but not overly expensive.**

With the round brilliant, cut the inclusions (clarity grade) are very well hidden by the 57 or 58 facets of the diamond so you don’t have to choose the highest quality. Click here to know more about clarity.

** I recommend choose no lower than Si1 as above that grade the inclusions can be seen without a loop.**

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