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Custom Made Pieces

Custom Made & Remounting Fine Jewellery

Either you have a precise idea of what you want or no idea at all, we are here to help you design your new piece of jewelry. We will create together a unique piece that nobody has! We will gladly work with precious stones that you already possess or start from scratch.  Check our process here to create your "new" jewelry.

 Remounting jewelry involves removing stones from their current setting and mounting them in a new one. Remounting a piece of jewelry offers endless ways to customize or refresh your jewelry and can be used to save special pieces that are wearing out or growing old. We also offer jewelry mountings at our New York location, along with other services.

What is redesigned jewelry?

 A redesign uses an existing piece of jewelry to create a new, unique look. We use the stones and materials from your original piece – along with additional elements if you so desire – to create an updated version or a completely new look, depending on your preference.

 Browse through our before and after pictures to get inspired.

 Who can have jewelry custom designed?

 Custom designed jewelry is an affordable and efficient way to achieve the piece you’ve been dreaming of, and we can help make it happen. As professional crafters of custom-made jewelry in New York, we have the skills and experience needed to create any piece you can imagine. All you have to do? Imagine it.

 What if I’m not sure of the design I want?

 As one of the best teams in our field, we’re capable of handling any project and ensuring a successful outcome. Tell us the basics you’re looking for and our team will design several professional 3D renderings based on your specifications. Come talk to our consultants today and we’ll help you discover the look you want.

 Which style is right for me?

 We have extensive knowledge in various jewelry styles, from the latest in-vogue designs to beloved classic and vintage looks so that we can help match you with your perfect style.

 Maureen O provides endless opportunities to find your style: from custom made designed pieces to fine jewelry mountings in New York, we offer a range of services to ensure you receive the piece you’ve been dreaming of.

 How much will my custom piece cost?

 Our custom-made pieces are available at a flat fee of $500 plus the cost of setting and the cost of extra stones if used. We offer three free renderings, within which we often arrive at a final setting design. If you would like additional renderings, there will be a small fee for each one.

 How long will my project take?

 We use a three-step process to design and create your custom-made jewelry piece. The longest step – production – may take up to six weeks. The average project length is around two months, though we often make sure you receive your new piece well before that.

 Is custom-designed jewelry better than mass-produced?

 Custom pieces offer more meaning, value and beauty than mass-produced jewelry. Best of all, when you work with us to create a custom piece, you can rest assured knowing that everything from the design to the materials used is of the highest quality possible.

 At Maureen O, we pride ourselves on providing French-inspired, custom made fine jewelry in New York, creating beautiful and unique pieces that suit your taste perfectly. Reach out to our team today to learn more.