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Diamonds are meant to be praised, craved and delicately laid on bare skin. 

This never ending  relationship between jewelry and its owner begins with the creation of the piece.

Maureen O offers to convey her diamond expertise and French savoir-faire to create closely with you a custom-made piece of jewelry. Creating jewelry is personal yet technical. During the process, the alliance between yourself as the creator and Maureen O the designer is essential.

A classic piece with a twist, taking high-end jewelry to a contemporary approach is the ultimate vision of Maureen O who crosses the upper limits of the methodical, detailed and thorough association of gold, platinum and diamonds.

Defined as purity, symbol of eternity, diamonds are Maureen O’s predilection stones she uses indefinitely to create fresh and elaborate pieces.

A spark, an intuition suffice to initiate the journey to the perfect custom made singular jewel.