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How it works

How Custom Made Jewellery Works

Let's create your bridal piece of jewelry!
We will follow these 3 steps to make the process enjoyable and efficient. 
Our starting price for engagement rings is $5000 so don't hesitate to get your own quote!

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Step 1First Consultation

During your first meeting, Maureen will give you an educational talk about diamonds including the 4 C's, diamond shapes and all there is to know about your center stone. If you are not in New York, don't worry! We can always talk via video calls, email, etc.


Step 2Diamond Selection

We will present you a selection of diamonds that meet your criteria, always keeping the best value for your budget. 

Step 3 Setting Creation

We will work together to create the perfect setting for your beloved one. All our pieces are handcrafted in New York and can be ship at your door everywhere in the world!