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Diamond Love Bracelet
Diamond Love Bracelet
Diamond Love Bracelet
Diamond Love Bracelet

Diamond Love Bracelet


The Diamond Love Bracelet is timeless and elegant – adding a touch of sparkle to your child’s many milestones!
Made from 14 karat Rose Gold, the Diamond Love features three brilliant F color diamonds for a total of 0.1 carat.

It’s the perfect gift for your child, your grandchild, a niece, or the child of a cherished friend. Begin your child's lifelong jewelry journey!

* 14k Gold
* 0.09 Carat F Color Diamonds
* Available in 2 different chain lengths:
       Small, for toddler (1 to 3 years old): 5''- 5.5''
       Medium, for kids (3 to 10 years old & plus): 5.5''- 6''

Each bracelet has 2 rings to adjust the size while your child grows. To figure out the correct child bracelet size click here

We advise parents to ALWAYS make sure the bracelet is safely latched on the child's wrist and safely stored when not in use.

We know how wild children can be... so we use the best quality gold and diamonds for a safe and shimmering piece of jewelry.

Diamonds: Great things come in small settings. All of our diamonds are F color & SI quality, meaning they look great to the naked eye, regardless of how close you get. We choose only the best diamond quality as we want our jewelry to always sparkle.

Gold: All of our pieces are made from 14k solid gold so you can love them forever. Solid gold won’t rub off on your child's skin and does not change appearance over time. 14 karat is the most luxurious common gold on the market. It is not composed only with gold. For more details check here